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  • Bespoke Suits | 3 Swanky Suit Tips For Well Dressed Muscular Men

    4 November 2015

    When you're a gym aficionado, it can be a tad difficult finding the right suit for your well-built frame. Readymade suits are unlikely to fit you because of your altered broad chest and narrow waist proportions, so you'll want to choose either custom-made suits or bespoke suits for your body frame. Here are some swanky suit tips for muscular men to give you a stylish and elegant appearance, whether you choose custom-made or bespoke suits.

  • Buy Luggage Online | 3 Calculative Tips To Buy Duffel Bags For Travelling

    8 October 2015

    Duffel bags are excellent additions to suitcases when travelling on flights, especially if you are planning smaller trips from your vacation destination and don't want to lug big suitcases around. Whether you choose to buy luggage online from companies like Sweeney Luggage Centre or in-store, some important factors may influence your purchasing decision. Follow these tips to help you buy duffel bags for travelling. Look For a Duffel Bag With Multiple Compartments For Easy Packing and Unpacking

  • Pole Dancing | A Beginner's Guide To Footwear

    31 July 2015

    There are various reasons why you may want to learn to pole dance. Maybe you want to heat things up in the bedroom or maybe you're after a more novel way to stay fit. When you are first learning how to pole dance, the best thing would be to start your classes barefoot. This is to avoid any accidents before you are comfortable with the routines and the steps. Once you have become confident in your pole dancing, you could then contemplate purchasing some flats or low heels to keep practicing on.

  • Integrating the hijab into your corporate workwear

    3 March 2015

    If you are responsible for approving your companies work uniform, incorporating an option to wear the hijab is a great idea. As the demographics of Australia changes, more of your potential employees will come from different backgrounds and religions. Diversity is everywhere While the many images in the media of Muslim women are drawn from the middle east, where women are more likely to be seen in the burqa, or niqab (full body coverings), this is not the case for all Muslim women.

  • Beyond the Game: 5 Alternative Gifts for Video Game Lovers

    25 February 2015

    You want to give your kids or grandkids a gift. Like most of their generation, they love video games, and although you don't necessarily disapprove, you do not want to give them a video game as a gift. Want to make your non-video game gift a success? Here are five gifts that will impress even the most avid video game addict: 1. AFL Jerseys Most video game players eventually foray into the world of video games based on sporting events.

  • Buying a Truly Enviable Valentine's Day Gift

    18 February 2015

    Ah, Valentine's Day - the time of year when you can guarantee your wife or girlfriend will be comparing the gift you got her with every other woman in the office or her social group. Rather than dismissing the concept of romantic holidays, why not harness your competitive spirit and buy your sweetheart a gift she can boast about to her friends. Gorgeous pyjamas Rather than lingerie, where fit is everything and size can vary substantially between brands and styles, buy your sweetheart a new pair of pyjamas.